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I am a Ravenclaw. I love Wicked, Les Mis, RENT, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter. I call dibs on Fiyero! Please don't comment thanking me for a favourite. It was probably quite well deserved.

Current Residence: Space with the Starship Rangers
Do not whine to me about how awful TV is or how bored you are if you haven't watched one of the following.
If you're reading this, you've probably already at least heard of Sherlock, but I'm including it nonetheless. It's modernized Sherlock Holmes. If you like Sherlock, you also might like Elementary, but I've only seen a few Elementary episodes, so it's not included in the list.
Doctor Who
Again, you've probably already heard of it. BUT NO SERIOUSLY IF YOU DON'T WATCH DOCTOR WHO YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I suggest you don't judge the revived series by the first episode. Or the episode titled "Love and Monsters". Or the episode in which . . . you get the point. Some episodes of DW are total acid trips, but then it also has "Blink", "Vincent and the Doctor", and "The Girl in the Fireplace" which are absolute masterpieces. The spin-off series Torchwood is also great, but it is a lot more adult themed. (No really, every time Wikipedia refers to it, it is "the adult-themed Torchwood").
Significantly less popular than the former two, but still amazing, Merlin is an adaptation of the Arthurian legends focusing on (three guesses . . . ) Merlin. It will absolutely screw your mind and make you wonder if it's normal to ship every single character with practically every single other character. Also every character is extremely attractive and you'll cry when you get to that one episode when you realize you're absolutely in love with a cancelled show.
Arrested Development
The Bluth family struggles to rebuild there reputation after their father is arrested for using Bluth company money for personal luxuries. Except it really is a struggle because the family has about three likable people, two of whom are teenagers. It also has a sassy narrator. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled due to low ratings. I've heard that Netflix has sponsored a new miniseries revival with 16(?) episodes. Sometimes considered to have a cult following.
Speaking of cult shows . . . This is the epitome of a cult show. Firefly is basically a character study of a crew of space pirates living about 500 years in the future after "Earth got used up". Characters include a hot doctor , his brain-addled sister, the captain of the ship, and yet more. Guess what! It only has one season. The fans went crazy after hearing it was cancelled and started a surprisingly large campaign to bring the show back. Instead, they received the movie Serenity, which basically condensed all the major plot points Joss Whedon was planning into around two hours. It wasn't much, and we saw some of our favorite characters die, but we found out . . . well, some things.
Once Upon a Time
Fairy tales are cursed to the real world but Snow White's step mother and the only who can save them is Snow White's daughter but for most of the first season she appears to care more about the fact the she has a son who hates his adoptive mother(hey! guess who she turns out to be!) than she believes she's a fairy tale character. But who can blame her? Fairy tales are changed in interesting ways. I can't wait until you get to the Beauty and the Beast episode and either collapse in disgust or collapse from feelings.
I think I'm the only person I know besides my mom who has seen this show and really likes it. But I digress, Smash is about the production of a musical about Marilyn Monroe. Starring Wicked actress Megan Hilty and American Idol's Katherine McPhee, it features a completely realistic showdown between two possible Marilyn actresses until you realize--Katherine McPhee?!? Against a true Broadway vet for a huge role?!?!? While the major conflict requires a lot of suspension of disbelief, it really is the best show about musicals. Seriously, stop watching Glee. This is much, much better. Includes awesome songs, like "Second Hand White Baby Grand" and "Let Me Be Your Star".

I actually have stuff I should be doing, but I'll just leave this here for now. . .
  • Listening to: John Barrowman's Cole Porter album

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